Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Overland Live Webcast

The concept of the Overland Live webcasts is to add a face and voice to the many fantastic overland websites.  I have now finished two live sessions, with a good selection of guests lined up for the future.

Nathan and his postie motorbike called Dot
I am excited to announce a new guest: The Postman.  Nathan Millward had the idea to ride a motorbike from Sydney, Australia to London, UK.  The bike he chose for his Asia trip was an Australian Postie Honda 110cc motorbike.  His website, The Postman, was a huge success during his trip and his forum page (on ADVRider) attracted around 800 000 views.  As a result, he was requested to write a book, aptly named 'Going Postal' which is being published as we speak.

You can register on for Sunday 23rd January's live session.

Our first two sessions are now live on YouTube and are available as a MP3 podcast.

See the Podcast section for the downloads: Overland Live Podcasts

Here are the YouTube video clips:

Frederik & Josephine - Radio Baobab

Luis & Lacey - Lost World Expedition

Be sure to keep checking the registration page for future guest speakers.

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