Friday, July 30, 2010

Overland Live - Photo & Video Updates

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The Overland Live website aggregates all the latest independent travel websites updates into various categories. This function is enabled via RSS feeds from the travellers website and is enabled by default if using an online blog, photo sharing or Youtube service. I blogged about free website tools which are beneficial to enabling you to keep your travels online.

As a result of these RSS enabled websites, Google provides a service called Google Reader.  This service enables you to link all your favourite websites into Google Reader and to receive the updates automatically as the end publisher uploads new material.  Effectively this means that you have a single site to browse (Google Reader) rather than visiting multiple websites to see if any new content has been added.  This forms the foundation for Overland Live - a single site displaying the latest blogs, photos, videos, tweets and forum updates.

I have now made a few additional changes to how the photos and videos are displayed. Instead of displaying text only for the photo, the website displays the photo - a far better browsing experience.

Here are the links to the updated pages:

Overland Live Photos
Overland Live Videos

Please email me if you have any suggestions on how to improve the Overland Live service.

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