Friday, April 30, 2010

Severe Heat! The bain of every overlander...

Severe Heat!  The bain of every overlander...  I often read overlanders blogs about how hot the weather is, and in turn, have experienced severe heat in Mali.  It was with a sense of relief to read that previous generations of overlanders have also experienced heat so severe that they have written paragraphs on the subject:

Wendy Carnegie, in her 1963 book 'Gipsy Doctor' writes about the heat during her trans-Asia trip:

During the day the heat was so intense that I often had to wrap a cloth round the steering-wheel of the car in order not to get my hands burnt, and on occasions the wind was so searing that it was necessary to shut the windows. Worst of all, sometimes I found it too hot to go on driving, yet too hot to make any effort to stop the car, a most ridiculous quandary to be in!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

New Forum - The Overlander

The website 'The Overlander - Get over it' has recently launched a new UK based forum.
Click here for the link The Overlander Forum