Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Overland Photography - the banners from The Africa Overland Network

The ability to record an overland trip, through photography, video or audio-bytes is, and will continue, to be an import part of an overland trip.  Each photo relates an experience, a memory and more importantly a time stamp in history.  As the internet grows and the overland websites continue to be written, so the history of overlanding matures.  And so do the photographs.

Photos inspire. They record history.

As part of the website design, The Africa Overland Network displays various overland related photosas a rotating banner images.

Here are a few photos from the vast number, including a link to the many others:

Additional Photos
The Africa Overland Network - Banner Photos

If I could leave one point about photography, it would be: Don't lose, or delete overland photos.  Digitise the old slides & printed photographs. Share them on the internet.  They are history and they need to be remembered.

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