Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nomad Adventure Update - Ivory Coast to Ghana

Noel (Nomad Adventure) reported on the following:

I wanted to inform you of a tricky situation that travellers will expeirence from the Ivory Coast to get to Ghana.
The Ghana embassy in Abidjan, Ivory Coast were adamant a few weeks ago that I should have abtained my visa in the country that I am resident in and not the country I am coming from as of the 1st Jan 2010.
I explained that I was unaware of this as I left the UK in Nov and there was no way of me knowing of this change in the Ghana embassy requirements. No matter what I said, I could not proceed and I got very angry and virtually abused many of the staff in the embassy for their lack of thinking outside their own administrative box, then a light turned on above me and I asked who can get into Ghana then and a guy told me only residents of the Ivory Coast. The next day I paid a local £5, and after visiting a local police station I was then given a residents permit (had been living here for 4 months). Took this to the embassy, not one hint of suspicion by the same person that I was calling an idiot the other day and I got my visa.
This is quite serious and luckily I got through, I would urge you to let people know of this situation to avoid any further bust ups in the Abidjan Ghana embassy.

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