Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Desktop day dreaming.

Another day and another desktop image (photo taken of my monitor)

Overland Preparation:
I am relatively impatient.  When I get an idea, I want to go out and do it.  Forget the training - I want to do it now.

However, reality is not quite like that.  In my quest to prepare for, I came to the conclusion that preparation is part of the trip.  In the analogy of an amateur athlete, getting to the start line is the hard bit.  Like wise in preparing for an overland trip.
At the time it seams like hard work as the departure date seems to take forever to arrive - but my key point is this.  Preparation time for an overland journey adds to the time off.  It enhances the journey as you scan maps, read blogs, watch videos and get inspired by other overlanders.  It's important to stop and relax and enjoy the thought that you are about to go on an overland journey.

I am a keen advocate on planning and preparing well - however, there is an element of over planning... more on that thought later.

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